About us

About Us

Our target is to provide a scholarship to 5-10 students per year

Provides scholarship to young people in need in East Africa. These kids can't afford to attend universities and continue their education. As a result, most of them become desperate and try to immigrate to the West. Many of these young people drown in the ocean while others fall into the hands of smugglers who kill, rape and torture to extort ransom from their families.

The organization's officers/directors, Abdulaziz Ghedi (President), Farax Mohamed (Treasurer), and Alas Elmi (Secretary), will conduct the organization's activities. We will develop website and smartphone app to communicate with our donors. We will also hold monthly teleconference meeting to provide our donors with up to date information regarding organization's achievements.

The activities will take place the organization's business address in Irving, TX.

So far, Qalam Scholarship Fund provided a scholarship to 8 students to China. They're studying at Shandong Jiatog University near Beijing, China.

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